UW Faculty and Staff Christian Fellowship


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Integration of Faith & Life"
April 6 or 20; evening; small and large group

Location TBD
Presentations and discussions focused on academic fields by those in the sciences, humanities, engineering, etc. Faculty and staff interested in giving a testimony and leading discussions in their fields should contact the planning group at uwcfsf@lists.wisc.edu for more info. Graduate and undergraduate students welcome.

Other Events

"Faith in the Heart of the City" series - Upper House
Renee Moe, President & CEO, United Way of Dane County
Thursday, Feb. 8
Noon - 1:30p at Upper House, East Campus Mall

Kathleen (Katy) Culver, Director of the UW Center for Journalism Ethics
Thursday, March 8
Noon - 1:30p, Upper House, East Campus Mall

Howard Thurman Symposium
Thursday, April 26-Saturday, April 28
Student-oriented event at 7:00p on April 25 at Upper House

Prayer Gatherings

For more on prayer gatherings, see the Connecting page…
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